ATTENTION Entrepreneurs:

Are you ready to...
  • reach a global market
  • make a huge impact with your message
  • create a stream of passive income
  • ...with your OnLine Program and not spend months trying to get there?!

    Webinars are one of the most rapid and cost effective ways to reach a larger audience, grow your business and build your online course curriculum...

    ...but only if you design them right.

    Join us for... "WEBINAR FASTTRACK: The Catalyst to Quickly Creating Your OnLine Program."


    This Training is for you if you want to create...

    The Secret to turning your Message into Money is…

    Designing Powerful Course Curriculum to solve a specific pain your target market is experiencing RIGHT NOW!


    RETAIL: $997

    In this 4-Part Live Webinar Series, you will leave with:

    Module 1: High Level OnLine Course Design

    Module 2: Webinar Content Creation

    Module 3: Webinar Engagement & Results-Oriented Learning

    Module 4: Pilot, Record & Get Ready to Pre-Sell!

    The Webinar FastTrack Training Includes:

    The Webinar FastTrack Training Sessions will be held:

    “The experience being in Jean's Webinar program far exceeded my expectations. Not only can I apply everything I learned immediately, but she has a way of delivering just the right amount of information at the right time. I now have total confidence that I have a great product. Working with Jean takes so much pressure off. She always delivers above and beyond.”

    Jeffrey Deckman
    President, Capability Accelerators

    Register Today and take advantage of these bonuses:

    #1: Webinar FastTrack Resource Guide

    A Comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about how to get started with Webinars. It includes:

    #2: High Level Course Design Template to get started right away!

    Prior to the start of the training I will send you a Template with instructions to get started on your High Level Course Design. This template will ensure you are designing the right course for the right audience at the right time and will set the stage for which Webinar to design first so you can be in a position to Pre-Sell your course. Be ahead of the pack and dive in early!

    #3: BONUS Module: How to Price and Market your Webinars (& Workshops) so you Fill Them Every Time

    Once you design your webinars for your OnLine Course, the best way to ensure success is to pilot them in the marketplace. This Bonus Module will share best practices in marketing and pricing your Webinar so you fill them every time.

    “Jean is a subject matter expert on Webinars. Her amazing gift is being able to walk you through the steps of building your own webinar without being overwhelmed.

    By following her guidance in building my message, I was able to use the same material from my webinar as a speech to use when I am invited to networking events with other entrepreneurs. I am a process minded person and Jean’s step by step approach allows me to use her guidance over and over again.”

    Jolene McKenna
    Business Coach & Consultant

    Yes! I'm Ready to Make More Money and Get my OnLine Course Curriculum Done
    with the Webinar FastTrack Program!

    RETAIL: $997

    Achieve Webinar Success and Get Closer to Being able to Pre-Sell your Course!


    “I can’t attend all the Training Webinars?"

    I’ve got you covered. All of the training will be recorded and available within 24 hours of the session for you to download it for up to 90 days. I do recommend listening to the recording within a few days after the session so you have time to do the homework.

    ”I don’t have time to do the homework in between each session.”

    I understand that things come up and you won’t always have the time for homework in between sessions. If that is the case, you can choose to attend the Training Webinars and complete the homework at your own pace. This may impact how long it takes you to get your first webinar launched. Even if it takes you 45 days to launch, it will still change your business!

    “My topic isn’t ‘Webinar Appropriate’.”

    We will explore in Training Session #1 how “Webinar Appropriate” your topic is. The good news is that most every topic can be discussed in a webinar format. It just depends on how experiential you want to make it. In the Webinar FastTrack Training Series we will work through the best design for your webinar topic and ensure your webinar provides high value for your market.

    “I don't know what Course to sell yet?”

    That's ok. Week 1 of the Webinar FastTrack training will show you how to narrow in on what to sell to ensure you are working on the right program at the right price for the right market. The BONUS PRE-Module and High Level Course Design Template will also help you get started right away.

    “It is clear that Jean wants her participants to succeed. She offers information in a clear way, sets an excellent example, and holds your feet to the fire to get you into action.

    I am now equipped to design, build and present my own webinars and online programs.”

    Debra DeVilbiss, PCC

    “Thanks for such clear and constructive training and feedback, Jean. What you provide is so much more than what I expected. This is finally helping me take the info and skills I have and shaping it into something that I can harness and leverage.

    I think this training is going to be of greater value to me than to the participants in my first webinars.”

    Ernie Villany
    President Villany Associates & Boulder Valley CPA

    You’ve been thinking about
    getting your OnLine Course up and running.

    You’ve been talking about it.

    Now, it’s time to do it!

    RETAIL: $997

    Our 100% Money-back Guarantee

    I am so confident of the value of this program that I am willing to offer a guarantee. If, however the program isn’t what you expected, then within 24 hours of attending the first session please contact my office and I will provide a full 100% refund.

    I'm Committed to Your Success.

    Jean DiGiovanna

    I created Workshop University© on the premise that each of us have a unique message to share with the world.

    The world needs to hear what you have to say. Your target market is craving what you have to offer. It's time to get your message out to the world, share your unique gifts and create the thriving business you deserve

    This program provides you the step-by-step process to make more money, get more clients and make a huge impact doing what you love.

    The world is waiting. The time is now!

    In support of your brilliance!

    Yes! I’m ready to stop leaving money
    on the table and start changing lives
    one webinar at a time!


    RETAIL: $997

    RETAIL: $997

    *The recordings from this live program (Include the Q&A portions) may be converted into an on-line product. By signing up, you are agreeing to give Workshop University permission to sell the recordings.